All students must:
1) Attend All Classes Live
2) Attend All Group Sessions Live (if applicable)
3) Submit All Tests & Quizzes on time
4) Submit All Assignments on time
5) Take All Oral Assessments on time
6) Pay All course fees on time
7) All written and oral work must be submitted by December 30th of the year in order to be considered for next year’s graduation.
For example, all written and oral work must be submitted by December 30, 2022, in order to be considered for 2023 graduation.
8) Every single assigned Test, Assignment, or Quiz, Oral or Written must be passed with 80%* or above marks
*For Hifdh, the passing grade is 90% or more
9) Communicate directly with the concerned department only of AlHuda Online regarding any matter. Family members CAN NOT communicate on behalf of a student, be it verbal or written communication, etc.

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Fee Policies

Registration and Tuition fee is not charged for Qur’an Teaching and Taking classes. The fee is charged to cover expenses relating to the management of staff, students, and Online Courses. Registration and Tuition Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable exceptions mentioned below on this page.
Fees will be paid at the time of Registration through any bank card.
We encourage students to pay the complete Course fee in one single payment. We have found students who pay their fee in one single payment, stay committed to the course, and are able to fully concentrate on their studies, without monthly fee reminders & charges.
Students who cannot pay the complete course fee in 1 payment, may choose a payment plan at the time of registration.
The fee will be auto-deducted from the card used at the time of registration, according to the plan chosen.

Fee Policy on Full or Partial Refunds:
Only those students who have paid the Complete Course fee, before the course begins, qualify for a refund

Refunds Policy:
• Full refund: 1st or 2nd day of class*
• 50% refund: 3rd or 4th day of class*
*Course tuition is non-refundable & non-transferable after the 4th class

Cancelation Policy:
• Long Term Course: (8 months or longer) Within the first 2 months of registration**
• Short Term Course: (2 months or longer) Within 14 days of registration**
• Short Course: (1-2 months) Within 3 days of registration**
**Course tuition cannot be canceled after the above.
**Complete fee is due if the student completes the course, drops it, or is removed for lack of meeting the requirements.

Solicitation Policy
Students/ Listeners are not allowed to Solicit their business or ask for financial help from Staff and Students directly. If you need financial support kindly email us at
Action will be taken as deemed necessary by the administration

Fee Policies are made for discipline and saving time for Staff and Students. If you have any questions about any policy, you are most welcome to email us at

All fee/donation received is used for Online Classrooms, Al-Huda Educational projects (paying for fees and books for deserving students of your course), and the salary of staff.

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جزاك الله خيراً